Ktown for All is a volunteer-led grassroots organization serving Koreatown’s homeless community members through direct aid and political advocacy.

Our goal is to make Koreatown a more inclusive and vibrant community by working with and advocating for our homeless neighbors. Homelessness in Koreatown and Los Angeles more broadly is a crisis. We seek to ameliorate the suffering it causes in our own neighborhood and advocate for policies that respect the rights, dignity, and needs of the unhoused.

In order to achieve these goals, we work on the following areas:


Our efforts at advocacy begin with getting to know our neighbors. Each week, we gather resources like food, water, and hygiene supplies to distribute to our homeless neighbors. Providing basic material assistance helps us to build relationships with people living on the streets of our neighborhood. These relationships in turn help us better understand the needs and preferences of Koreatown’s unhoused population, making us more effective advocates on their behalf. We also strive to empower our homeless neighbors to advocate for their own interests.


Ktown for All was founded as a counter-movement to anti-shelter organizing in Ktown. Through planning our own actions and supporting those of allied groups, our goal is to amplify the voice of the unhoused in the political process in Los Angeles. Our political organizing focuses on advocating for more housing and services for homeless Angelenos, equitable housing policies in LA and across the state, and eliminating policies that criminalize homelessness.


We are most effective if we are part of a broad movement. Ktown for All helps to connect individuals, organizations, and resources that are working on issues related to homelessness.