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Ktown for All is a community organization committed to engaging with our unhoused neighbors to:

  1. Provide basic humanitarian supplies and connect our neighbors to resources 
  2. Lift the voices of our neighbors through civic and political engagement 
  3. Engage in educational activities to foster relationships between housed and unhoused residents of Koreatown and its surroundings. 

We are committed to creating positive experiences for members, volunteers, and individuals we encounter. While we cannot predict or control the behavior of any community member, housed or unhoused, we strive to provide an example of behavior that will enable all neighbors to maintain peaceful relationships. Ktown for All also relies entirely on donated space and provisions for our activities. This code serves as an instructional guide for new volunteers and to establish an expectation of acceptable behavior that serves the goals of Ktown for All.

[Code coming soon]

If you want to be part of our discussions visit the events page to learn when we have meetings or send a message via social media.