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Anti-Harassment Protections for Tenants

Item 2 / Council File: 20-0522

(MARTINEZ – PRICE) Providing tenants with a private right of action and prohibiting landlords from trying to take tenants’ stimulus money

“Providing tenants with a private right of action” basically means that tenants have the right to sue their landlord for violating the law and recoup damages. For example, if a landlord orders an illegal eviction, the tenant has the right to pursue their landlord in court. This motion also expressly forbids landlords from pressuring tenants to hand over their stimulus money.

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Contract with Local Businesses for Meal Catering

Item 4 / Council File: 20-0487

(RODRIGUEZ – HUIZAR) relative to meal catering services for the various homeless shelters and temporary housing coming online in response to the COVID-19 outbreak.

This motion explores opportunities to contract with local businesses to provide meals for shelters and other emergency housing.

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City’s Position on Costa Hawkins

Item 7 / Council File: 20-0002-S53

(O’FARRELL – MARTINEZ) relative to establishing the City’s position regarding legislation to suspend or lift the provisions of Costa-Hawkins.

After getting intense backlash for their votes against tenant protections, this motion introduced and seconded by Mitch O’Farrell and Nury Martinez appears to be an attempt to justify their recent votes against a strong eviction moratorium and a rent freeze on non-RSO rental units. This resolution simply expresses the City’s support for the state to suspend Costa-Hawkins and has no material impact on tenants.

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Streamline Permitting for Food Businesses

Item 11 / Council File: 20-0499

(BLUMENFIELD – PRICE) relative to low-cost or no-cost changes to streamline City processes for various departmental approvals that the City requires for Food and Beverage businesses.

This motion will convene a working group that figures out low or no-cost ways to streamline the many permits needed at the City level for food businesses. The Healthy LA Coalition supports this motion, but want street vendors to be at the forefront of determining streamlined processes. This has the ability to create better opportunities for the most vulnerable entrepreneurs like street vendors.

Tell City Council to prioritize street vendors in this process!

Hotels that have received subsidies

Item 12 / Council File: 20-0478

(BONIN – HARRIS-DAWSON – MARTINEZ) relative to hotels that have received economic incentives from the City and their participation in the Project Roomkey program.

LA City Council routinely hands massive sums of money in the form of tax breaks to hotel developers. Jacob Woocher has a thread breaking down some of the costs. NOlympics LA has reported on how LA City Council has promised $1 billion in tax incentives to hotel developers over the next 20 years. To put this into perspective, $1 billion is almost as much as the amount of money raised through HHH for homeless housing. It only makes sense that during a global emergency in which tourism has been decimated, hotels that have received public money should be the first to open their doors to house the unhoused. A report listing the hotels that have received economic incentives from the City and their explanation as to why they have not participated in Project Roomkey will help pressure hotels into doing the right thing.

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Project Roomkey Status

Item 17 / Council File: 20-0488

(MARTINEZ – BUSCAINO) relative to the status of Project Roomkey and the strategy to reach the 15,000 room goal.

LA County had initially hoped to open up 15,000 hotel rooms through Project Roomkey by April 30th. According to Project Roomkey Tracker, it is now May 5th and only 1,582 hotel rooms are occupied. There has been very little public information and transparency behind the process of opening and filling rooms through Project Roomkey. This report will provide a much-needed glimpse into implementation barriers.

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